Thursday, July 30, 2015

Painting the Mylife school desk

I purchased the my life school desk, after sadly missing the AG daily deal and sell out of the American Girl School desk.  I hated the color and decided to do something about it. 

 I stood at Walmart looking at paint for at least 40 minutes contemplating gloss or matte, coral and aqua (which I knew my daughter would love) or try to mimic the aqua and green from the AG desk. Do I repaint the metalic gray an actual silver? Do I need to prime?  Ahk!!!! In the end, I bought it all, then later returned the paint I didn't use.

I ended up with the coral (gloss) and aqua (matte), although honestly, i dont think it really matters. Yes to metalic silver legs and yes to primer.  

I began by taking apart the chairs.  Very simple as there were only 6 screws.  Then primed everything.  I do not know much about spray paint, but read that someone had issues with an enamel paint when they primed with a different t brand of primer, so I actually ended up using two brands of primer- just to be safe.  I found that hanging everything  on wire from my clothes line was the best.  Read your paint labels, and follow the recommendations.  Once you begin painting all recoating needs to be completed before a certain time.  In my case it was before four hours, or after 24 hours.  I forgot the 'after 24 hours' and tried to touch up a small blemish the next morning and the paint reacted strangely to the top layer and bubbled and cracked!  So be sure to follow your paints directions.  

I had a hard time capturing the coral color with my phone, but the color is very similar to Isabelle's coral sweater.

It takes 48 hours for the paint to cure, but I left ours sit for longer to be safe.  

I am really happy with how they turned out and ended up painting some file drawers I found at the dollar store to match.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Trip to the American Girl Store (Mall of America Location)

Sharing some photos of a somewhat impromptu little road trip we took to the American Girl store at the Mall of America location. Our girls all have summer birthdays so this was a little bonus birthday trip...and, it's just plain old fun to get to go to the American Girl store! Our drive one way to get there was just over 4 hours, we've done it once before so we kind of new what to expect this time. 

While visiting we made sure to make a point to eat out at the Bistro Cafe, it's always fun to eat out with your dolls and the waitstaff always makes it extra special!

I took some pictures of my meal, they have a special gluten-free menu if you have the need which I took advantage of ordering off of.

I took some pictures around the store as we browsed as's always so fun to see the doll displays and American Girl had just recently had a new release of products so the girls were extra interested (if that's possible!?) in seeing what was new.

Of course the girls got pictures with the photo prop of the newest Girl of the Year, Grace.

And a definite highlight for the girls (again!) were the escalators! Up and down, over and funny! We have none in our town though so I see the draw. :)

Here is Zoey with the doll she brought (Petrova) picking out which Grace doll she wanted to take home...she chose the one in the middle.

Here are the girls with their special new's so fun getting to pick out a doll at the store. This is Zoey's second store bought doll and I have to admit, it's pretty fun getting to hand pick your doll.

At the doll salon while we were there they were offering free doll ear piercing so Zoey got her new doll's ears pierced.

And she got a package of earrings to take home too...with strict instructions to leave the dolls "starter" earrings in her ears for two days before removing and switching out for different earrings.

We stayed overnight at a hotel close to the Mall of America and the girls swam that evening and we just played with the dolls that night at the hotel and stayed up late and had snacks, etc. It was fun to have some girl time...we woke up the next morning and headed back for one more visit before heading back home.

We ate at the Bistro again before heading for home and upon leaving we ran into Blue from Blue's Clues! Too funny...this was a show that Zoey watched when she was little...around three or so! We had to get a picture!

Another photo opp presented itself when we walked by the Lego store...pretty cool storm trooper if you ask me!

We had so much fun, it was so nice getting away with friends even if it was for just a short was well worth it and I know these will be memories that Zoey will not forget. 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Few Dollar Finds For our Dolls

Lily was so excited when I showed her these cute doll sized food erasers!  She asked if she could make a video of the dolls with them.  Here are a few close ups.
the globe is a pencil sharpener, perfect for doll school!

doll sushi...on her head???

tarts and popsicles

ramen noodle soup


 Lily's video demonstrations!

For just $1, I don't expect the food to last forever.  I suggested gluing the pieces together and painting over them with a clear sealer, but the girls said they like to take them apart and pretend the dolls are making the food.  OK, then that is how we will leave them.

Amanda, Gracie and Lily
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